It's been a while...

I have felt the everlasting pressure that is depression for a while now, I don't understand why. I have friends, I have family but yet I feel so distant from them, like I can't talk to them about it. School is like prison for me, every day I get up at the same time to have the same breakfast and go to the same bullshit class that I hate but go to anyway because I'm supposed to be a succesful lawyer or engineer or doctor. But I have no drive for it and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, all I see is the endless abyss of school, and then university, and then a job that I will feel trapped in. I guess I just need to find something that makes it all worth while, but I always feel like I have no want to do anything creative. And so I stay in this viscious cycle of feeling like shit.

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What creative things do you enjoy doing? Maybe have a think about creative things and make a decision to try - then you have something to be proud of which can be a start of a new mindset.

If things get to bad for you do seek professional help, it seems daunting but it does help. I wish you all the best.