From birth to adulthood, living with Cerebral Palsy, my story so far (WIP).

My life Section 1

The way my life unfolded from conception to correction.

I was born April 30th 1972 at 8:40pm. I was conceived as a love affair between a young single redheaded woman and her lover; a married man several years older than her with kids. I believe I was Conceived in a hotel room, which might explain my love of redheads and hotels. Shortly after I came in to this world my mother decided she was too young to take care of me or Maybe she knew something was wrong with me and wasn't ready to take on the responsibility of a Disabled child. I was put in foster care when I was 1 week old. When I was 6 weeks old I was adopted By Jimmy & Alma Taylor. The adoption agency “neglected” to tell them there was something wrong with me; my parents found out shortly after they got me home. They noticed I could not lay flat on my Stomach. They also noticed when trying to change my diaper that my legs were very tight and would not spread apart easily and without causing me discomfort. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when I was 6 months old. Both legs, right arm, left eye Affected. Starting at the age of 2 years I was in the hospital every year for corrective surgeries until I turned 20 which was my last operation. In total I had 26 operations on every extremity with the exception Of my left arm.

Section 2: Childhood / School / Adjusting

I remember my first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday. Like any other kid I was excited, Anxious and nervous as to how many schoolmates would accept me. Turned out it wasn't going to be a very joyful time. I was unable to walk without a walker and when not using that I was confined to a Wheelchair. Now while kindergarten wasn't that bad the following years the bullying and abuse grew exponentially.

3Rd Grade was an interesting year, I had learned to walk without the assistance of a walker and I did not need the wheelchair. Also puberty was beginning to take hold and occasionally I would catch the eye of an interested classmate. I won't divulge her name but short of losing my virginity she taught me everything I needed to know about the male and female anatomy. That was a good year until one faithful evening at my house I had the bad luck of getting caught while performing a breast exam on the blonde headed girl and that ended that.

4Th Grade I changed schools, due to increased bullying and teachers / principal denying too offer any assistance I changed to West Hardin Elementary. I made new friends and met new bullies here. My teacher was very good at playing the piano and I credit her with getting me started in my short lived singing career. That would also be the year I visited the ER on 4 separate occasions due to people pushing me down steps or into the concrete barriers that where in the atrium. 4th Grade also brought about two girls I will never forget and still to this day wish I could speak to them again. One girl “AG” was a very sweet, gentle girl who as kids go I believe cared a great deal about me. We would meet in the library and just sit in the corner and hold each other’s hand and talk. It was those days alone I truly didn't feel disabled and felt like I was just like everyone else. The other girl had a brother who had a Vitamin K deficiency and was a 'free bleeder', his name was David. His sister was another one of the few people I really believe liked me for who I was on the inside and could have cared less about my physical issues. The bad outweighed the good though and the next year more change was to come.

5th Grade & 6th grade saw me changed schools yet again, this time to Walker elementary. It was there where I did my best with my studies. It may have been a combination of my growing up and becoming tired of being picked on but I excelled in my studies and made the best grades yet. On the flip side I can't remember any love interest so that might have had an impact on my performance.

Section 3: The final years of school.

7th Grade I was absent from school, /I was home taught due to an operation on my ankle that left me unable to be able to walk for about 8 months. The teachers found out that I did much better in a 1 on 1 environment compared to the distractions of a full classroom. This was also the year I received my 1st computer, a Commodore 128. This computer became my new best friend, it opened up my mind to a world where anything could be done; all you had to do was “push the right buttons”.

8th Grade I returned to school only to be greeted by all the bullies that missed me from my absence. That year I saw the ER a total of eight times.

9Th grade started out horribly. I had teachers that disliked me, I was being picked on and I was fed up. By this time my parents saw that I had a certain way with computers and knew that’s really all I cared about. They caved in and by April 12th of 1989 I was a dropout, but it didn’t end there I was only getting started.

May 1989 – June of 1991: Tennessee Technology at Crump During the next 2 years several great things happened. I completed 4 computer courses and got my certs, as well as my draftsman apprentice (I could design you a home). Also I got my GED. After it was all said and done I had quit school, yet graduated (with GED) 3 years ahead of my classmates. My next step was to find a job and get out in the working world.

Section 4: Out in the World but not on my own.

My dad had been a state bank auditor from the time I was born until he retired in 1996. It was due to him I was able to get my job at the Hardin County Bank in book-keeping. Now when I started this job I had been hired with intentions by the bank president that I would be working in the computer department. Sadly the head of the computer department (JM) and the head of bookkeeping (JJ) had other ideas. I started the job on April 12th 1992. It was explained to me by (JJ) that they wanted me to learn the basic of bookkeeping before moving on to the computer related task. So they started me on by answering phones, helping people with their checking / saving accounts. (Chances are if you were a customer of the bank between 1992 and 1996 you talked to me at least once.) I hated that job and ask several times when the time would come that I might be moved, it never happened.

[Side notes:]

In June of 1993 I met a woman whose nickname was Harley. She was a depressed woman, married whose husband was on the boat 3 months on, 30 days off. He had an account there and we talked just about every day. I learned my first “grown-up” lesson with her; (Never become emotionally involved with a married woman, nothing good can come from it). She was the 1st girl I ever made love to. In February 1994 I met another woman (JW), she was married as well. Sadly for me I was about to make the same mistake yet again. That lasted until the end of 1994

I drank my 1st beer Jan 1st 1995 at the ripe old age of 23. I think it took me 2 hours to finish it.

Back to work, by this time it was 1996 and in 4 years I had not gotten a single raise. I guess you could say I was a disgruntled employee. During this time the head of computer operations (JM) was boasting that their system was impervious to any type of fraud and was 100% secure. So I started looking for weaknesses in the system, and I found a BAD one. I was able to take a computer, not connected to any banking system, completely offline and recreate a statement showing non valid deposits and withdrawals. To prove my point I hand typed and printed a statement with a customer that did not exist having a balance of $10,000. Complete with deposit slips and withdrawals. I had hoped by doing this the president would see I could be an asset and tighten security. In the end all it did was get me fired.

Section 5: The end of an era and the start of Alice in Wonderland

In 1997 after 6 months of being unemployed I decided to start my own business; I started repairing and building computers.

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