Stopped going to work

My parents are on holiday, I live with them currently which doesn't help how I feel. Since they've been away I've just called in sick, stayed in and sunk into a pit of depression. I got diagnosed with depression a while ago and thought that I was making progress. No. I've just allowed myself to sink into this pit and now I'm probably going to lose my job because im such a pointless waste of space.

I am now sat in bed and I don't know what to do. I'm bored, sad, lonely and can't seem to help myself. All I am now doing is waiting for my parents to get back and no doubt the shit will hit the fan.

User Comments
Anon-1 Of course you're bored. That's why people go to work. They might not like it, but sitting at home bored is depressing, and you will sink deeper, if you don't pick yourself up and force yourself to do something constructive. Keep busy, find new interests, go to work and work really hard when you get there, so you don't get sacked. Seriously try and make new friends at local clubs and societies. Even older people are better than being lonely, and frankly, they're a lot more accepting than young people if you don't fit into their clique. Take charge of your life. I hope you cheer up. x