Where do i go from here

I have spent 2 years with a girl i love so much, she has been the best part of my life without a doubt and i wanted to spend my life with her. Last the 6 months has been hard, i fucked up to be honest, i didnt show her much attention and a few other little bits but i promised i will change and i did, i though after that if we can get through this then we are meant to be. But she broke up with just the another night but she did it over a text message saying she loves me but not in love me, and it hurt so much, my heart sank the fact that i will never be with her again and also because she did it over a message and then deleted me. We have seen each twice in the past 6 months for 5 mins each time and i know that isnt right but shes saying she tried but me and her both know we didnt try and she took the easy option out. Basically i knew this girl better then i know myself and now am lost i dont know what to do with myself, am in job i hate, constantly broke, and literaly have no friends and now ive lost the only happiness in my life. My emotions are all over the place, one minute i think ill get over it the next i just want to find her and kiss her. I feel like she is fine and am just being emotional mess. I dont know what to do with my life anymore, am 20 and i dont see a bright future.

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I'm so sorry you feel this way. I know how hard heartbreak can be especially if you feel you are the cause of the relationship breakdown. Sometimes in life, you have to move on from people you assumed would be there forever and it can be really tough. However, ultimately it is normally for the best.

I'd suggest trying to absorb yourself in an activity, distract your mind and maybe meet some new friends, then the impact of the feelings are lessened. Hope you feel better soon.