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I at times feel proud for the person i care alot about. Since they have been able to do things and stop a bad habit... 

However at times it just feels like they basically outburst on me even more. Some of it just also tends to feel like having less and less patience with me, which is wearing on me... even as i try to do stuff, i mess up once and i am not doing anything right, i no longer apparently care. Which does get me depressed as feeling i can't do anything right anymore, even if i do something good... it no longer matters and that i've even been told from said person i don;t pay attention and dont care and jsut repeat myself, not to defend myself, and i am just trying to play the victum... it makes me depressed and want to just give up... not bother trying... to just give up, either to go away even so i'm no longer a dissapointment to them ever again and not going to ever bother them any longer... 

Because i can't do anything right, i am just a bother, a careless ignorant asshole.... but they're always right, i'm not... i should stop doing things my way and just give up... cause my point of view is well pointless

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Your relationship with this person doesn't seem to be particularly healthy for you. I can sort of tell that it is really affecting your self esteem and that is not a good place to be in. You're not pointless, although it can feel that way, trust me you aren't.