Why can't I find love?

I got out of a abusive relationship all my life i've been picked on and bullied by guys and girls I've only been with a couple women in my life which makes me feel sad because my friends have been with alot of them and tease me saying that im inexperienced and women want someone experienced (How can you be experienced if you dont have a chance). After my abuse it has been tough I'm scared to talk to women because of the things my ex did to me said I was fat and ugly and worthless and was pysically abusive as well. I weigh 197 i've always have been self conscience with my weight when I try to talk to women now I get sick and nervous and they look at me like im stupid I think they look at me and see that im ugly and fat, They dont see me for the person I really am smart, nice, funny, loyal, outgoing, taleted, love to cook,  and good with kids and would love to have a family of my own someday

Why would they be with me when they can have someone who is in shape and good looking who has been with women and know what they are doing I would love to have a shot with a kind woman who likes me for me but I dont think that is going to happen. Why am i such a loser? Why should I continue? Why can't I find love?

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I'm going to get real corny here, but you have to start loving yourself. We all have things we dislike about ourselves or feel hinder us, but acceptance of who you are and appreciation of your good qualities can really help self esteem. 

You don't sound like a loser at all to me. Can you work on your weight? If that is bringing you down then maybe try to come up with a plan to healthily lose some pounds, you'll feel better, might get you out more and might help you meet the love of your life - you never know :)

I wish you all the best.