How do I pick myself back up?

I'm 26, bisexual. i've tried dating for 2 years, but got rejected by everyone and haven't gotten a date. It's damaged my self esteem and confidence a lot. Now I've decided to concentrate on myself. I've decided to stop watching porn, change my appearance, and work out. I feel like I'm not manly enough. I'm a nerdy bookworm that's very quiet. I can't find the energy to do anything anymore. My passion for life has disappeared. I 'm slowly feeling better after talking to people on 7 cups of tea. I've started doing what I wanted, like reading, writing my book. The next difficult habit i need to maintain is exercise, but I can't even do that. How do I pick myself back up?

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Focusing upon the positive steps you have taken, not dwelling on the perceived negatives has helped me. Seems to me you have done a lot of positive things but need to support yourself and believe in yourself to enable you to pick yourself back up.

Is there a way of fitting in the exercise in what you already do? Walking instead of driving or something like that.