No idea whats wrong with me

Haven't eaten properly in days, haven't left my house. My grades at Uni are slipping, to the point where I don't think there is anything I can do to make them any better. I sit alone most of the time and can't get out of my head. Thoughts just overwhelm me and make me even more miserable. My boyfriend tries to help me but he doesn't really get it. He just says stuff like its “mind over matter” and “look at the positive” I know hes trying to help but it isn't helping at all. Its just making it worse. I can't tell him that as it would destroy him. I can see how much worry is in his eyes when he looks at me and that makes me feel even worse. I'm throwing up every meal that I eat and feel a massive urge to self harm like I used to. I don't know what is wrong with me, I thought I was doing really well but obviously not. I'm a complete mess and dont know how to fix it.

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Anon-1 I'd say you have depression, anxiety, and bulimia nervosa, and you need help. Go to your doctor who can put you in touch with a self-help group, or refer you to a therapist. Also keep busy and try to focus your mind on things you enjoy if that's possible. That probably sounds lame, but trying to focus your thoughts on good stuff leaves less room for the bad shit. But get help. Sort out the bad stuff so you can get better. Good luck.