I need a LOT of help. I hate my life.

I'm a guy, I have recently been talking to someone who was having a little trouble herself through life and I tried to make her feel better and give her advice and hope. In the process I slowly realized I was in the same situation and I have lost will power to do anything. I realized how no one cared about me, especially my friends because guys don't talk about feelings you know, I do the same thing everyday of my life and I have gone into deep sorrow. I need to find something to make me happy. I feel like I will never be able to be happy and I do not feel like I want to be alive right now. I hate everything that is happening and I've had conversations with her and she wants to get me help but I'm such a stubborn asshole that I don't want my parents to find out. I am not open with my parents and I really heavily don't want to feel awkward around them and me getting outside help requires them knowing. Maybe you guys can help or maybe I should suck it up and make myself feel worse. I'm really mad right now and I'm just typing profusely but I really need some help. I have no will to live right now.

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What is it that you enjoy doing? I ask that because if you have something that you genuinely enjoy it may help you to concentrate on doing it more and it will help.

I'd genuinely suggest speaking to your parents, you wouldn't make them feel akward, they would want to help you I'm sure. If that's not an option is there someone at school or college you could speak to - a counsellor maybe?