Advice Wanted

I finally worked myself up to the point where I was able to make an appointment with my doctor to talk about meds for my anxiety. 

I have a great support system, and I do the things that I need to do (exercise, eat healthy, etc.) but I still just can't manage it. I was doing so good with managing everything. I could tell when I was going to have an anxiety attack -- they came out as panic attacks before, but now they've changed. I don't freak out like I did before. Like, it would make me cry and hyperventilate so I just focused on my breathing and counting. Now, I just feel like I can't breathe. Like my throat is closing up. I don't cry, I don't shake. I just can't breathe. And I've not been able to sleep as much and I'm freaking out about tomorrow because I'm afraid the doctor is just going to think that I'm drug seeking or offer a referral instead. I just. I need some uplifting words right now. I'm incredibly nervous and I don't know how to go about talking to him tomorrow.

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