Excuse my shoddy storytelling, I'm not much of a writer.

I really like this girl. A girl who has been my friend for 3 years; that's a lot for a highschooler. She's been in the same group of friends as I have since we've known each other.

I have realized that she makes me happy. I get excited to see her, I think every song is about her, and frankly, I can't get her off my mind.

but I can't date her.

Even if she does like me back, which I sadly doubt, I cant ruin this group I'm a part of. What has brought me laughs and memories thoughout all of high school.

I'm going to have to live with this girl as 'the one who got away'.


i don't want her to be that girl.

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Anon-1 Just a curious question, why would it ruin the group if you were to date her?