Deal with depression at school?

First time poster here! I'm on a mobile in class so sorry if any typos.

I was diagnosed with depression, GAD, OCD in seventh grade and put on medication. Im now elevnth grade. In the past month I have started to have extreme depressive episodes again. I have no one to talk to about this either so it makes it hard for me as i'm bottling it all up.

My best friend doesn't listen to me and I don't have any other close friends. My family don't like talking to me about this. I used to talk about feeling suicidal with them and theyd just tell me to stop talking that way or id end up in a mental institution. The guidance counselor at school isn't helpful, she's phoned the parents of one of my friends when specifically asked not to. So I wouldn't want to talk to her.

I'm starting to lost motivation to do anything. I just feel really sad or feel nothing at all.

Has anyone been through something similar? How do you cope when you are at school? Can it be done without medication? I just need some kind of advice or a friendly word because each day is getting harder and harder for me. Sorry this turned into more of a rant than I was expecting.

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hey, it can be hard to deal with stuff on your own. are you still seeing a professional? Maybe they can help you adjust your medication so it suits you better. Not all combinations work for everyone but they will be able to discuss it with you and how you currently feel.