I'm sexually atracted to both sexes. Always been.


I know my big brother wants to fuck me and it makes me want to hurl myself into a window.


My astrological chart brings me pain.


My best friend is a one-year-old.


In highschool, I went out of my way to be aproved by people I despized.


I heard voices and had visions when I was a child. I didn't think of them as mystical or important whatsoever, it was just nice. I ocasionally still see orbs of light.


I know what it is to love someone very very deeply. It's not even personal love.


I consider my father's side of the family to be both adorable and unbeareably conceited.


I'm great with animals and children.


I believe that I scarred a perfectly nice young man emotionally, when I was an imature teenager. I was very scared of intimacy and in my behaviour was mean and cold.It was about proving to myself that I had power.Hurting him traumatized me deeply. I wish I could tell him I'm sorry. 


My uncle has a kennel where he keeps 12 hunting dogs in chains and I can't see him past that.




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