Growing up I always felt like I was really different. I have always been highly intelligent and athletic, which should make me confident, but I always felt like there was something wrong with me. My personality is what has always made me insecure. I am very aggressive fir a girl, I am opinionated and loud and a bit of a know it all and most people hate that. I really thought no one would ever love me. Then I met my boyfriend of a year and a half. 6 months into the relationship he cheated on me with a girl who he had been obsessed with for 2 years prior to our relationship but they always said they were best friends. They kissed a few days after christmas after she 'confessed' her love for him. She's actually a complete psycho and she never apologized to me for any of this. I had to watch them kiss at school and both show up with hickies on their necks. And they had sex which hurt me so much. Her and my boyfriend had a relationship for less than a month when she told everyone he abused her when he didnt. He finally realized she's crazy and came back to me.  Its been a year since then. I took him back obviously. Over the summer I found out i have OCD and have been getting treatment. He's been so good with me but sometimes i still worry about that girl. They arent friends really anymore, and he apologized and I know he just needed to do that to get over her but it sucks. Im so scared hes leaving for college soon and i dont know if he's going to stay with me, he might also want to go into the marines. Im a year younger and im scared i dont know what i want and if im afraid to just be lonely. 

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Trust me, if he's acting this way towards you he is not worth it.  If you do not respect yourself and allow a person to treat you this way then it will only get worse. Trust me, one thing that you do not have when you are younger is perspective because you don't know any different but as hard as this seems at the moment you are worth more than this x