So In the past 3 years I have only done cocaine about 5-7 times... each time being a good amount. I havent done any since last july but every now and then I still get cravings. Its like I dont want the cravings to go away because deep down if I were offered it again I'd probably do it.. but at the same time I know its wrong and against all christian morals and I want to be good so I want to know how to make the cravings go away. I thought you had to do cocaine hard for years and alot to be addicted so I dont know if I am considered addicted or not but I do have cravings and I want them to stop.. Any suggestions? Please?

I havent done it in a over a year but I find myself thinking about it alot. and when I did do it, it didnt interfere with anything because it was so random when I did.. and Ive never paid for it nor do I have any money to pay for it now.. but I think about it alot knowing that I should never do it again but I know if somehow it was there in front of me I might do it.. so since Im not considered an addict what the heck do I do to make my cravings go away?

I also never go to parties.. and I have very few friends right now because I chose to only be around "true friends" I just want some kind of trick or some meditation thing to make my cravings go away so I wont want to do it again.

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I don't personally know how to stop cravings. If I were in your position, and I were able, I would probably seek therapy. With what little, insignificant knowledge that I have, for the few times you've actually used? To have cravings so regularly and such feels like there might be another problem, like there's something else you're "needing" and you fill it with that, or want to. 

Good luck, friend. I wish only the best for you.


There are anonymous, nonprofit drug and alcohol counseling services out there. I'm not talking about rehab or anything like that, just people you can talk to who might point you in the right direction. Start here, You -can- get treatment referrals from this, but it's also an information service, and it's anonymous. 


You need help. I don't say that to mean that you're lost, broken, or defective. I mean it like you're SO CLOSE to kicking this thing completely on your own, you simply MUST reach out and take that last step. As a recovering addict who took a lot longer to recognize his problem and needed a lot of help to get as far as you have gotten, PLEASE find some. A group. A therapist. A helpine. Anything.

I've never been addicted to anything so far as I know, but I do have post traumatic stress disorder. You need to reach out, and find help, and not be embarrassed at needing someone to give you a hand. If you had a broken knee, you'd want a doctor to fix it. I didn't see it myself for the longest time, but it really is the same thing.