A perfect life? I wish I had one.

So I am currently a freshman studying nursing and I am a commuter (because i live like 10 minutes away), and right now is probably the most stressed and annoyed feeling I have had for my whole family in my entire life. Nursing is not an easy major. Guiness named the BSN trajc one of the hardest college tracks in the world in 2011. I have a sophomore older brother who is super intelligent and belongs in an IVY league school, but chose the same school i goto because he gets reimbursed $2000 a semester. On top of being smart, he acts like a 5 year old and has the rudest attitude towards family. He only cares about himself. My mother is constantly nagging about her career which is 100% not as stressful compared to a nurse (she is customer manager for Chanel). And she also stressed over $$$ yet she wastes money on food all the time. My father acts positively a lot, but when it comes to $$$ he has about $30,000 credit card debt. He owns a restaraunt that my mom and I have to help with because of the lock of money for employees. My brother never steps foot in the restaraunt because he does not care about it. My younger brother is struggling in 4th grade and my mom stressed EVERY night about helping him, but he is still failing regardless of all the work we put into him. My brother "helps" him, but all he acres about is video games and himself. He has a 4.0 GPA in engineering and that is tough. He is brilliant, yet he has the personality of a bastard. WITH ALL THIS HAPPENING, I am simply trying to pass my schooling, but my parents and brother don't understand my struggles. I can't help my dad every weekend when I have exams or quizzes. I can't help my little brother, when I need to pass school. I can't take my mother's constant nagging and screams of wanting to call my little brother stupid and my dad stupid. I can't tolerate my older brother who uses his brain for arrogance and rudeness. I need to dorm or move-out ASAP, but im only a freshman.

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