Trigger: sex: the giver won't receive

Backround: My girl friend and I are both bisexual-I don't like the term lipstick lesbians but thats what our friends call us. We are both 25 years old. We have been friends for six years and pretty much started to hook up since we met.

Every time she came home from college it ended up happening whether she had a boyfriend or not. We finally talked and realized we should be together first few months started out long distance; now she is home waiting to get her pt license and will soon be long distance again When we do have sex it is great, the ;last time she let me touch her too she said she had multiple orgasms.(so it does not make sense to me why its not more often) We have been having sex probably about twice a month, i tried to bring up feeling disconnected and she just got very upset. But I crave her, and I feel selfish or maybe that I am not what she wants sexually. The last time we were intimate she literally said nothing for a few days when I even attempted (which a few days was her birthday). And said "I know you dont like that"-this is the second time she has said this to me.

I feel like she is being selfish but--but maybe I am? I dont like sex feeling one sided. Now the night of her birthday (which i planned a great day, spa, dinner with friends and i play america) my allergies kicked in and my medicine made me drowsy. Lack of sex does not seem to bug her, but its bothering me. How can I address this properly. We are best friends and I know I should feel comfortable but I am already feeling super rejected because of this. HELP. I love this girl and I want this to work but if I continue to feel like this idk if it can.

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