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I dont really need someone to answer rn, im just writing this. Im on a depression for last 2 years, since i was 15, and to be fair, that's a shit. I haven't been able to sleep more than 3 hours for this 2 years. I've thinked about the suicide sometime, but i remember that my family would cry for me and i dont want to hurt them with this. I've had 3 girlfriends within this 2 years, but they haven't been able to make me happy. I dont have many friends, to be fair, i just have 1 true friend, but i dont know how to explain to her all this things. Yesterday, i talked with her a bit, but all she was able to say was "maybe you need a gf, someone to make u happy" "i dont know what to say" "i dont know how to help u...". After a while, a friend of her, an old friend of mine talked to me saying "wtf, why u have depression, i have to see u" and came to my house, talked to me and her final conclusion was "i want you to send me a message tomorrow saying that ur happy and this will be a happy day, but thinking it." I haven't sent this to her because i dont like to lie, to be fair, this day is worse than yesterday.

When i was a child(6 to 12) i went to school (yep, im sherlock) and suffered bullying from the classmates, with agressions and "escludere" (google told me that's the right word, sorry for it if it's not"

Thanks for read this shit, and... that's all i have in mind rn.

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Have you spoken to a professional about this?  They will be able to help you.