Dad is always a jerk.

All the time, my dad is a completely jerk. This wouldnt be a problem if I could just find an escape, and that for me was videogames. However, even for that he berates me. Sometimes he calls me smart, I just need to work harder, etc, but most of the time he just throws plain stupid insults at me, calling me a pain in the ass, idiot, and more.


Even worse, I cant escape. Most of the time he tells me to get out of the house, stop playing video games, but even when I do, if I mess ONE SINGLE THING UP, he still insults me. Its plain stupid. He encourages these things, but most of the time he still finds a way to make me feel bad about them. So why would I want to do them again?


And the absolute worst part is he does this to more people too. Calling them an idiot when they do something wrong. Always making fun of people. And if things dont go his way, he quotes HOW FUCKING HARD HE WORKED WHEN HE WAS YOUNG LIKE ME. He has to be condescending. And when I try to talk to him, he always ignores me. I hate him.


Sometimes, he brings me places, and doesnt talk shit about me. That's the one escape I get. Even then, afterwards he usually makes fun of how much I ate. I bought too much. You shouldnt have bought this. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.


Anyway, I just needed to get this off my back. If you read t his and say I should smarten up and do what he says... I have no words.





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Man. That's just awful. Your dad sounds like a real ass. I want to say that I think he loves you on some level, and is just frustrated with the direction the country has gone since he was your age, but I don't know enough to say that for certain. Is he ever -not- like this? Have you ever had a moment to sit down and ask him what's going on? 


I'm grateful for the father that I grew up with. He's a caring and understanding man. Please don't let this man poison your mind with his own obvious issues. He doesn't sound fit to be a parent. 


You're pretty generous with how you describe your father. You seem hurt and upset, but not scathing, bitter, or obsessed with it. Hang on to that. I know this isn't why he's doing it, and you shouldn't have to deal with that, but keeping a level head through this kind of adversity will serve you *very well* later in life. At least you'll get something out of a bad situation. I wish you weren't already *in* such a situation.