My past and present troubles with girls

So I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. My freshman year went, for the most part, well. There was one problem that followed me into summer break. I'd gotten a crush on this girl whom I thought was amazing. At the time I could only see her as a 10/10. She had a boyfriend at the time so I knew nothing was going to happen, but I still couldn't get over her. I went all school year with this crush and didn't tell anybody. By the end of the school year we'd become pretty great friends. On our last day I said "what the hell" and I told her I felt. She said that she had figured out that I did like her, but she was very chill about it and later told me that she liked me too. So we went on being great friends and we texted almost every night and sometimes facetimed. About halfway through summer break she started telling me about how she and her boyfriend were getting into fights and she wasn't really happy being with him anymore. I felt concerned for her feelings but at the same time elated that I may get a chance to be with her. She continued to date him for a while, but at the same time led me on to think we would happen. One night she texted me and told me that even if she did break up with her boyfriend she didn't think it'd work out because I'm an atheist and she's a Christian. I was a pretty mad about because I didn't care what her religion was, but she cared about mine. After a couple days I had cooled off and apologized for getting mad. She accepted the apology and we went on being friends. Even after this I still wanted to be with her. We still texted almost every night. Suddenly, one day she texted me and asked if I could check the weather in a different county for her, which I did and asked what for. Well she had a date and had asked me if it’d be a good day for it. This was the last straw for me and I finally ended it. I deleted her number and unfriended her on all social media. I know that I shouldn't have blown up but she knew that I liked her and I still feel she should have known better. Now its sophomore year and I don't talk to her anymore, but then there's this other girl. I'd known her since the year before, we were both in the robotics club at our school and she is really cool. I thought I was getting hints from her that she liked me and I had gotten feelings for her. We were already friends, not great friends but friends all the same. So i decided to ask her out. She said that she only saw me as a friend and just didn't like me that way. I shrugged it off and told her that that's okay and I won't let it affect our friendship. So a few weeks have gone by and I still like her and can't help but want to date her. I know that it most likely isn't going to happen but I can't get over her. If I could get over her it'd help me a lot but I'm just not good at letting go, I guess. I feel like I can never tell what a girl is thinking about, whether they are just being friendly or are being flirty. I'm usually really good at detecting people’s feelings but when it comes to romantic feelings and I'm involved I'm blind to their emotions. I guess one thing I've learned from both these experiences is that I'm not the best with girls. I just want to learn how to get over girls and not get caught up in them.

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