I am drowning in doubt

A little information about me for this to make sense: I am a senior in highshool. I do an online courseses.

I was bussy with work and dealing with the fellings of getting dumped by my girlfriend, who ended up cheating on me. I decided to take a weekend and binge on youtube videos trying to cheer me up. Unfortunatly I had things due on friday, I did not do it. I have been bustung my ass trying to cathc up I now have 31 things due this week and I am 12 asighnments behinde. I am freaking out with anxiety and stress because people are saying I am not going to graduate and that I am basically a failure. The depression is getting to me and I don't know what to turn to. I decided to put a post up on a subreddit that I am on. I was hoping some one out there would notice and try to give me some hope on life. I then got a PM and it led me to here. I am currently in a dark room and freaking out because I don't know why some one would care, I was always told I will never add up to anything. 

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hey - the anxiety is preventing you from finishing all your work and making it more difficult to even start. when i get like that i make sure i have a plan, write everything down, prioritise it and then promise myself i will finish the work.  For no other reason than clearing the list is so good for your mind and removes the anxiety.  You can either fight anxiety or allow it to hold on to you. not sure if that helps, but its how I deal with things when i get overwhelmed :)  can you talk to your tutors and get an extension on some things to help you in the next week or so?