Transgender & Depression

I am transgender. I am a boy stuck in a girl body, and it is terrible. Every morning I wake up with a body that doesn't match how i feel on the inside. Because of this, I suffer from depression, which affects my life every day. I go to school, do some work, go home, do some homework and so on. My parents know that I am sad but they don't know that I am depressed. It doesn't seem like they want me to be who I am, because if I find an old picture of me I don't want to keep it, but my mom and dad hides the pictures from me and says that they want them because it is "good" memories... Well it's not for me. I feel like they don't have time for me either, and I have never experienced that they had understood me, or taken real care of (for?) me.. a couple of months ago I got known with someone that really understood me. We talked a lot, almost ever day, and it was a great feeling to be understood for once. This person helped a lot, and tried to help me constantly and every day, and spent every day trying to make my life easier. We even talked alone for hours one day, and I told this person about how my life really was right now. And this person understood everything and gave me ideas on how to express my feelings in different ways. It really worked, and I tried to follow this persons ideas and tips on how to make my life better. And then this person had to go back to another place and I didn't have anyone I could talk to anymore. Of course I had someone, but they didn't have the same understanding though. But everyday I still try to stay positive and think about everything this person said to me and that is the only thing that makes my life better ( except from listening to music). Thank you for reading this and I hope that you will have a nice day ;)

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Stay positive, you are doing really well and never forget that. Best wishes for the future.