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  I'm tired of having to try and open up to people who pretend they care. People always say "I'm here for you", "tell me how you feel" or "no you're not bothering me", yet when I want to talk to that same person they brush me off. I don't understand why people even try to give me hope. I honestly lose faith and hope because you try and think that these people called your "closest friends" are supposed to be there for you, in reality no one cares. No one really cares you, I honestly feel like random strangers are more kind and more caring than the people you actually know really well and are really close to. It really hurts.

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hey - people are strange and have a hard time dealing with other people's problems even if they are well intentioned, the reality can be that they don't know what to do.  Have you spoken to a professional about how you feel?