Fuck Friends.

I always read of people on reddit who ask advice about making new friends,meeting new people to avoid being lonely.Where these guys loners all along? So they never had friends? I wonder.Whoever told me that teenage was an awkward phase of your life never really tried walking upto an stranger in public striked a converstation with him.

But I was never a loner.I remember my school days very vivid and clear.Everyone in my class was my friend.Atleast thats what I assumed.Being raised as a merry guy by both my parents and an elder sister my only aim in life during my school days was to be friendly towards everyone.Portraying the nerd that I was back then topping the class after being a transfer student I would get along easily with everyone around me.Rarely did I have disagreements with folks around me for doing their bullshit,passing comments,saying shit.YOUR TYPICAL NICE GUY RIGHT?

But my sole aim when I was a kid was to maintain this image I had made of myself -This guy who would tolerate all shit that gets thrown at him but wont fidget even a inch as it would tarnish all the hardwork he put into building this empire surrounded by people who now that I think of were just a bunch of dickheads.Fast forward to a couple of years I got a couple of "friends" when I started going to college and I pretty much wrecked my own life being around them.They were one of those fairweather/talking behind my back kind of individuals,who would only do things on their terms.Me being the timid guy that I was played the ball everytime they told me to.Somewhere around this time,I happend to fall sick.And mark my words-Its only in your darkest hours that you will see the true nature of the creature who has his hand around you.Cause it tests it.The situation calls for a test on these so called friends!

Endless days of being in and out of and hospital wears you down and takes a huge toll on your ability to be in unwanted situations like the one in which your "friend" wants to go shopping and wants you to tag along,but you are too stupid to say no to him.Fuck me right.What kind of asshole finishes his last malaria dose and puts on clothes saying "this XYZ guy needs me".If only the worked this way.People gave back what they got from another person.But it doesnt...Sadly it doesnt.I had this one guy who got pissed at me cause I couldn't complete his project that I agreed to help him on.He would call me and ask me when I would get out of bed and hang out with him,so that he could be entertained by my jokes because thats what I was for them.If I forgot to mention I am good at humour.I would never accept this modestly cause I always felt that - blowing your own trumpet equals being a dick head.No! Fuck No! I am proud of being better at humour then all these motherfuckers who cant crack a single knock knock joke properly! Yeah you heard it right! FUCK YOU!!! 


I ditched all these guys a year and a half ago.A realisation hit me that ,No life cannot go on with this luggage filled with stinking rotten garbage trapped to my feet as I see opportunities drift slowly away from me.I battled 4 different addictions and now I am after being all through it I have got a hold on my life.I am 21 year old VIRGIN.Never went with a girl,heck never even asked one out.Thats what happens when you hang out with losers.My dad always lectured me  about my company when I was on this trip back then.And he was completely true about this.The old man has seen more sun than me ofcourse! So chose your friend wisely boys and girls.If you have any grimy ones hanging on to you wash them off.Try to be a better version of yourself>that has more value then a couple of half assed dickheads who have no life.

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Good advice at the end, thank you. Its totally true.