He told me he loved me

   We met on r/Kikpals back in March/April. He responded to my post looking for new friends. I had mentioned to include a favorite superhero in the private response. He said his is Batman, so I knew we'd hit it off. We exchanged information, and stayed up until almost 4 am chatting about everything and anything. By the next week or so, things got a bit flirtier, and slightly...dirtier. He said he was single and not really looking for a relationship, same as I. Pics and videos were sent back and forth, typical "sexting" stuff.

    After about a month, I started to develop feelings for him. One night we were discussing something I can't recall, but then he sent me a text saying "I love you lol". I told him that no guy had ever said that to me, even with the lol. He replied again, "Well, I love you. Without the lol." From then on, we'd say it almost every night before bed. 

    Until the end of September, we texted almost daily. We told each other about everything that happened in our lives. His new job, my problems with getting back to school, our hobbies. Then one day, he stopped responding. I figured he was probably busy with onboarding and orientation, so I didn't give it much thought. He texted me two or three weeks later, without saying anything about his absence. We went back to our normal communication routine, that is, until last night.

    He sent me a text at 11 pm complaining about how his posts on imgur weren't getting the visibility he wanted, and I decided to check them out. He had texted me earlier in the day looking for "help with his boner" and I obliged. I knew he uses the same username for everything, so I searched for him on the app. I looked at his posts and read a few comments, one of which caught me by surprise. It mentioned his wife judging a choir performance. Wife? What wife? I texted him asking if the account I looked at was his, and he denied it. He told me it belongs to his cousin, the name is based off an interest they both share, and he only uses it for kik. I felt uneasy about it, but I just went along with it. 

    I stayed up until 4 am this morning trying to process what was happening. I decided that after I got some sleep, I'd do some investigating. Being an inquisitive person with a keen attention to detail (and a heap of personal details he had already given me), it took me less than a half hour to find the truth.

    He's married, alright.

    The wedding was in the first week of October, which explains his lack of communication. My heart sank when I saw his wife. Nobody deserves to be cheated on, and nobody deserves to be lied to like I was. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I never would have started anything if I had known, I'm just not that type of person. I decided that the only way I could get over all of this was to come clean, so I did.

    I looked up her Facebook profile, typed up a message, and attached the sexually explicit videos & pictures of himself, and texts he sent me. I sent it. I haven't heard from either of them yet, but I really, really hope he gets what he deserves. And I hope that with whatever decision she makes, it makes her happy.

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