I've been single now for almost a decade, and haven't gotten laid in years.  Most of my attempts at dating are strained or awkward at best.  I have a tendency to be attracted to women who are already spoken for, or who have some other reason for not wanting to be with me.  Even when I do find myself in a good position with someone, I always choke and don't know how to make that first move.  I don't want to force myself on anyone, but I don't want to seem shy either... it's hard to walk that line between romantic and creepy.  All I've ever wanted is a good relationship.  But it seems like no matter what I do I cant affect one.  

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If you want a good relationship then the best thing to do is let one naturally evolve.  Maybe you pick the unavailable women because you know that it won't work and its kind of a self fulfilling prophecy?  Don't focus on the fact that there may be the potential relationship there but focus upon the person and genuinely getting to know them.

I wish you all the best and hope you find what you need soon.