I crave attention

And I go about getting it in the worst ways. 

I post things I probably shouldn't, but I'm over 21. 

It's not the kind of attention I really want and in the end I don't feel better. 

But it's the only way I know how. 

And then you come along. 

You tell me I'm hot, I'm gorgeous and everything. You seem to care, but you still want more. I'm attached already. 

I need to get away, this isn't healthy but no one like you has ever been remotely interested in me before. 

I hate myself for what I'm doing but how can I quit you? 

User Comments

Attention is always nice but are you relying on it for self esteem reasons? I say this because I found that until you are happy with yourself and accepting of who you are as a person, no matter how many compliments or how much attention you get it will never be enough if you aren't accepting of yourself as a person. Just my thinking on it.