Overwhelmed again, without trying to be, my head mixed up, mashed with trying to find my foot to move foward, tried ringing doctors numerous times, stupid voice message, cannot get hold of housing untill pay slips arrives, the money will be taken off me, then yesterday my flatmate came on to me, and i just lay there and let him, it was like i was a child again, i want to move, but the lac of money no job and this fucking anxiety confidence thing is getting in the way. my head just stuck in neutral. I signed up to a boxing match as  ihave anger issues now, the reality of being hit and possiby smashed in the face is scaring me, and will it effect my brain, which is already anxious.

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hey sorry you feel this way. Have you got hold of the Doctor's now? Anxiety is the worst, you have my sympathy.

Martial arts are good for anxiety and anger, if the boxing worries you.  I do Tai Chi and its a much more chilled out way of focusing your mind and body in harmony, essentially slowed down martial arts guards and moves so its very relaxing. Just thought that might be less intimidating than the boxing.