I am sorry I'm not fun anymore
I have lost a piece of my self
I would react so different
If it was you

You would have all of me
My heat, my arms, my chest
Mostly, my love
If you were going through such a dark time
I wouldn't even hesitate

I have become annoying
You are tired of listening to me
Don't tell me I need a psycologist
Don't tell me it's sup to me to get better
I did not choose to be like this

All I need is a little bit of your love
While I fix myself
Hug me
Comfort me
I want to be close to you
Rub my back
Hug me again
Becauste that's what I would do
If you were the one going through this

Understand once and for all
I am not feeling blue
I am dying a little every day
It's so cold

Do you know?
How much do I love you?
How hurt am I?
I wish this was a joke

I need you
I really do
Why can't you do the same
I would do for you?

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