Long term relationship over...I'm alone

So my girlfriend of 7 years decided that we fought a lot over her never showing affection and basically being a bad girlfriend. So on monday at work( we work together) she decided to bring it up and said that she knows that she treats me like shit while im the best boyfriend ever. She feels that we have been best friends for a couple of years, but not boyfriend/girlfriends. She doesn't want to hurt me or break up with me, but wants me to break up with her. Hearing that broke my heart and i started to break down at work. Eventually that night we did break up, however before she left my car that night she told me nothing should change because we will always be friends. In my head I hate that because its like im not moving past her but i honestly cant see myself without her. So its almost a week now of being without her everyday and she took all my closest friends ( her brother and her brothers friend) and my best friend disappeared a couple months ago when he met his new girlfriend. I honestly have no one to talk when comes to this. And the fact that she keeps going out with the people i use to hang out with and she texts me like everday and I drive her to work monday-friday. I keep a smile and pretend im fine but inside im hurt and broken. I know im not attractive so finding a girl who shared my interest and liked me ( at least for a couple years) was great. I may just need to talk to someone but I don't think i have anyone

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hey so sorry you feel so bad. would it be better for you not to see her? Or is that something you can't realistically do? Sometimes complete seperation works best when you are heartbroken, it doesn't keep the pain so constant all the time.