Everything in my life is going down the toilet.  I can't catch a break.  3 months ago I had just turned everything around and was happy.  But a bout a week ago everything that could go wrong did I'm failing classes because I don't get the material the quarter is ending so I can't fix it.  My luck is just terrible.  I thought the SAT could fix it but guess what?!? No pic so now I can't take take the fucking Sat and I feel that literally nothing can go right.  And to make it worse my brother is having the exact opposite luck.  He's killing it, doing great and all around happy.  It just feels like shit and my world's collapsing and working against me just fml right now and I just feel that I need to rant and to make the SAT worse is that as I had to wait to be picked up it started raining so that's just great. I can't catch a single break everything is working against me I just feel like I can't take this for much longer I'm almost to the point where I just feel like giving up. I realise people say that high school dissent mean as much but to me right now it does.  For the past week I've just been locked in my room not knowing what to do. It's everything from my mom washing my ear buds to this Sat thing just fml right now

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hey can you speak to your mom about this or is that a no go? Or is there a professional at school you could speak to? Sorry you feel so low currently its an awful way to feel.

Can your brother actually help you understand the material better?