Anxious, its shot through the roof, telling my flatmate i am leaving, he finalised the decision for me when he made a pass at me last weekend! i have to move anyway but bought it a month earlier and now the pressure is on, i went to docs today, they didnt give me meds, just a number to call for therapy, a long bloody waiting list! I am trying to eat, my heart is pulsating, and I dont have the guts to stand upto him, though I did say i felt threatened by him he walked away. I want to be able to talk to him, but i feel angry with him.

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Hey you are doing the right thing by moving out by the sounds of it. Please take care of yourself, hopefully the therapy will come through soon for you - the wait is the worst, its a terrible thing when someone reaches out for help but then has to wait for the system to catch up with them. Stay strong.