I am grateful for....

My friends and family who are there for me no matter what.  They've seen me at my lowest and do their best to help me,  and not runaway.  Sometimes a kind word,  a hug, a message saying how are things today can make a huge difference to me. I am having a lapse (not a full relapse) according to my therapist but very depressed and struggling with my OCD. I've sat in my car and screamed as loud as I could as a way to let it out rather than curl up in a ball and cry.  Exercise helps me,  so I'm booking classes at the gym so I have to go and exercise properly.  Endorphins from exercising have helped me the last few days,  along with support from friends and family. 


User Comments

Thank you for sharing, sorry you are going through a bad patch. Glad you have supportive friends and family, that's awesome. Much love.