A Healthy Fantasy Life

After 30 years, my conclusion is that it's okay to be strange. A little strange... even a lot strange. Some people are really freakin' weird, and I'm probably one of'em. And that's all cool.

I'm a furry. I'm aroused by the concept of something that isn't real: anthromorphic characters. Animal-human hybrids. I wouldn't take this as far as to say anything about *actual* animals; I don't find myself sexually drawn to animals. I *do* enjoy people. But furries... there's just something about the idea of a creature that's mostly human, but has fur, and purrs like a cat, or has a long canine tongue... it's fucking weird. Not the weirdest shit out there, but it's weird.

I like tickling, and feet. Women's feet; ironically maybe, with all my weird little fetishes, I'm actually completely straight. The thought of being a catlike creature and licking at the ticklish feet of a beautiful woman is enough to get me off on its own. Fucking weird, but whatever. 

I play role-playing games. I'm a huge geek... a geek who likes football, baseball, wrestling, and martial arts, and who collects firearms. But still a geek. I'm into historical re-enactment, and I've learned a thing or two about a variety of trades, such as blacksmithing and carpentry. I doubt I'll ever put most of those skills to use, but they're interesting... at least, I think they're interesting. I don't live a solitary life; I have a lot of friends, and I do a lot of fun stuff. I go to clubs, I go to bars, I go out to eat when I can afford it. 

I don't make a lot of money, but y'know, my hobbies... board games, rpgs, model building, reenactment... only the gun collecting is really expensive after the initial investment, but I make enough to indulge myself on occasion, and I get by. 

I was asked to come and write this. I'm not sure why, or what caught the person's attention (not sure if I should name names?) but, after all, I'm glad I did. I'm glad I came and wrote this. I'm not lacking in confidence, but I'm also not lacking in weirdness, and writing this... it's given me a good reminder of the fact that the world takes all kinds. Nothing that I do is hurtful; I don't harm people. I have a huge variety of hobbies, pastimes, and interests, and because of my own nature I'm pretty generally accepting of other people no matter what it is that interests them. 

I feel like I'm a good person, an interesting person. I hope that this little writeup serves to remind other people who might enjoy, practice, or get turned on by something "weird" that there's nothing inherently wrong with them. To each their own; the important part is that you live your life to the fullest, have fun with those who care about you, and occasionally get laid (that bit's pretty important, whatever 'laid' means to you). 

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