The sleeping dragon

All his life, all the sleeping dragon ever wanted was to be left alone, so that he could sleep his restful slumber. All his life, time after time, he was denied that right because of simple blunders.

No, this isn’t a kid’s story about a sleeping dragon, but it is one about a sleeping dragon none the less… a dragon which resided at the top of a hill, overlooking a vast country side fraught with villagers, all whom came from every part of the village just to cast eyes on such a beautiful and majestic site.

The problem was that the sleeping dragon couldn’t sleep though… because for all his beauty and glory, he had a problem; he had a problem with people watching him as he slept.

So… night after night… while the gentle town folk were asleep themselves, and if they were insufferable enough to cause him grief, he would ravage the country side of its crops, screaming and belching out rivers of flame as he swooped down and claimed victim after victim of cattle and crop. Nothing was beneath his purview, but he would never murder or mame a single country folk though.

Those folk he would leave alone… and let them wake up in their drunken terror to a sight beheld to them: land in smoldering embers and bodies of half-eaten corpses left strewn about like some twisted, demented horror show. They knew what would cause their grief too, because the villagers would wake to the sound of a terrifying dragon, keeping them awake, and plaguing those lucky enough to drift to blissful slumber with dreams and horrors the likes of which had them waking up in utmost terror every single morning.

All this and more, simply because the villagers wouldn’t leave him alone… all of this because they needed to stare on at the sleeping giant who wanted nothing more than his rest, well, seems that there would need to be a change.

Either the dragon had to go, or the people did…

Well, the dragon thought ‘Why should I go anywhere? I have lived for over a hundred years, long before these simple folk farmed and occupied this land, back when it was lush and green, and the animals hadn’t a care in the world—and these humans come along to rape and pillage themselves… reaping the fruits of nature and leaving behind nothing but waste and muck.’ As far as the dragon was concerned he had enough, and as such he held no empathy for the villagers and their plight

So again it would continue—night after night. They would come to see the dragon during the day, and come morning they would awake again to the sight of their hard work ruined, to the point that food was starting to become scarce, and villagers began leaving.

It would appear the dragon had won… for over the course of the following months, soon the lands were once more barren, and what structures still stood he burned to the ground, allowing the months to pass so that those structures would be whisked away into dust, and grass would grow green again.

Little did the dragon know though that of all the things he missed the most as time went on… the people... they spent their whole lives watching him, just as he spent most of his time-since their arrival-trying to sleep through it.

The people were gone though.

…And the dragon still couldn’t sleep.

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Gotta admit, I didn't come here expecting to see a morality tale. Part of me wonders if this is what the place was meant for. Then I realize that I'm being judgmental, and I've no right to tell another person how to convey what they need to say. So, obviously, it's exactly what the website was meant for. Thank you for sharing; I've no idea who you are or what your personal situation might be, or what left you wanting to come here and post, but I'm truly glad you did.


This is interesting. I'm not sure that I understand the point, but it's got me thinking.