Im a recovering drug user which ive been clean for 3/4 years but ive relapesd a few times which is part of the recovery so ive been told ,I started a new job and things where going well but then i lost my job after a injury to my shoulder and ribs then things started to godown hill i started getting really down stopped going out couldnt sleep went off my food found it hard to speak to people even my own family ,Im totally at my wits end ive been to the doctors but they just gave me anti-depressants which have not helped at all in fact they make me feel worse in every way ive even thought about not taken them the only thing in my life is my dog sad but true .

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hello, well done on your sobriety - 3 to 4 years is amazing. Can you go back to the doctor and explain that the medication isn't working for you and you'd like to try an alternative. I know that they can sometimes take a couple of months to function properly but there are various ones so it may be that the one you are using isn't right for you.

Hope your injuries heal soon and you can get back to work.