How could you do this to me?

Why couldn't you just tell me the truth?  

You stopped loving me and you never told me.  You just cheated on me then said it was a one time thing.  That you'd be better,  work on us.  I begged you to be sure.  I told you I didn't want to move away from everything I knew unless you were sure. And you promised you were. You promised you still loved me. 

And then we moved across the country and nothing really changed.  I tired to keep us interesting, to do new things.  And it wasn't better but it was ok. Nine years together can do that. 

Then you started going out all the time without me. You left me behind. You realized that you could never feel the same way for me but couldn't face me and tell me about it.  You said we just needed a little space, but you just needed a little bit of her.  Another girl to show you that I wasn't good enough anymore. 

So you said goodbye.  Claimed you still loved me but that with your traveling coming up it would be too hard.  But I knew. I know you better than you know yourself sometimes. So when it comes out all it does is break me more. 

Why did you bring me here if you knew,  deep down,  you'd never love me that way again.  Why did you make me believe we still had a chance when we didn't.  Why do you tell me that "you just don't do relationships" when I know you have talked about being with her.  

Why did you break me and expect me to just smile and say "ok, thanks"?


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I know how much this can hurt.  I am sorry you have had to feel this way, hopefully you can work your way through this and make a better life for yourself with someone who deserves you.