Sad that you left

I'm so lonely without you. Even after we broke up we continued to see each other as FWBs and always ended up snuggling like we were still a couple and telling each other we loved each other even then. I know the break up was my fault and I know I should have gotten my life together because you waited all so long for me to do so. I hate myself for not being able to commit fully to our relationship and always holding back hoping that life wouldn't move forward just stay still. I hate that I got away with so much and that throughout high school I was able to get high marks without studying because of my memory. Now looking back I did you lots of wrongs and I never treated you the way I felt about you. Now that you're gone I would change the world for you but I know its too late. All I can say is I love you and always will to me you were the one and I don't think that'll ever change. Goodbye Bub

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