My Therapist don't understand me

I've been talking to my therapist for over 2 months now, It took me awhile to open up to her on my feelings from my past trauma. I've gotten into issues with her about whenever I'm mad at something, she says I redirect my anger at her and lash out on her by telling her how she should do therapy treatment. Cause she isn't giving me the type of feedback that I need to get better. Anyway now, she wants me to take a break if I can't seem to talk about the trauma or my feelings, take a a day or two off from our conversation and when I am ready to talk, we can then go back and continue where we left off. I feel she don't understand, how is taking a break gonna do anything different. I feel she needs a break from me than I need from her. All its gonna do is piss me off more where I'm not gonna talk to her at all. It's gonna leave a gap between us than what I am back to square one from right at the beginning of feeling comfortable. Why do they do this? Beyond me.

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Can you change therapists?  Sounds to me like you don't particularly get on with this one so it may be better to change.  Not all people suit the same people, if you get me.  Maybe explore other options?  Or tell her how you feel?


If it isn't working can you look at different therapists in your area?