Perpetual isolation

Over the span of a year depression changed me from "the silly happy, kindhearted, funny/awkward" girl in the group to hardly being able to even bring myself to get out. Even when I do, I'm isolated, quiet, and holding back tears the entire time. I'm talking I had the privilege to go to Disneyland (a place I absolutely love) with my closest friends and hardly spoke a word. The times I looked forward to were the bathroom breaks and rollercoasters so I could finally let the tears break from the brim of my eyes - if only for a moment. I dont know what to do, I've been feeling so lifeless and miserable for months upon months. There's only so many times I can ignore messages and use the excuse "I'm not feeling well I dont think I can go out" before I start seriously losing all my friends.

User Comments

Can you talk to your friends about how you feel?  I am sure that you are not alone in how you feel and if there is someone close to you that you trust it may be worth asking them for help.  Best wishes x