I came here to post a story about being unlucky in love. I was thinking about it all day, after agreeing to post something here, and it was funny--when I first found out about Cathartic, I thought, "it might be nice to post something positive," but I was in such a low place that I couldn't think about anything to say. I've had bad luck at my job, worse luck in relationships, and I recently discovered a medical condition that might lead to hospitalization--possibly major surgery. "I don't have insurance" goes almost without saying, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I was going to post a story, as of early this morning, about just how much shit I'm smelling in front of me, as I prepared to wade through it. 

Pardon my French. 

Um... yeah, pardon the joke about French, too. Anyway...

I was actually talking to someone about posting to this Website, a friend of mine with whom I've shared personal stories, back and forth over the internet, for nearly five years now. She mentioned how impressed she was by the idea, how much of a strong gesture it was to unburden oneself, to be open and honest, and to share details like that. I still intend to do so, but I thought that finally having something positive to share... well, I figured it'd be a good idea. Y'see... I told her I'd show her, and apparently it was a really big deal that I was willing to identify myself to her like that--these are details about things that nobody knows about. Not family, not friends in person...

Well, to make a long story short, she's now searching for a job for me in the city where she lives... and after five years of almost total anonymity she suddenly came out and said she trusted me. Given some of what she has been through... I never expected that. But she trusts me, and she wants to take a chance at something with me, while helping me to start a new life someplace other than where I've lived my whole life to date--which is a place where, thanks to those who are here sharing it with me, I simply don't feel comfortable. I never have, not in years--decades, even. 

This probably sounds silly and spurious. I guess it is, I mean... there's a lot more to talk about, but the summary is that I'm having a shot with the most incredible girl I've ever met, online or off, which is something that I never dared to even hope for. The point is that life can suddenly, in the span of a few moments, in response to nothing expected, take a dramatic turn for the better. 

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Man, that IS crazy. Congratulations! You deserve to be happy with the person who helps you to feel that way :)


Best of luck; would you consider an update on how things turn out? I for one would really like to know how things are going :D

Anon-3 Wish you the very best of luck