Everything just happened at once

Basically I lost my girlfriend of five years and job with great prospects (both in the space of a month in Oct/Nov) just after buying myself a house to live in near work Ive had for 6 months now. I now have a mortgage to pay but have enough money to keep my going a while yet. I just worry because I dont seem to be able to do anything productive asides from basic housework.

Im just worried that my life has really fucked up and that im not going to recover. As soon as I get a job that will solve two of my problems and will be far easier to deal with that I guess, I need to focus on that I think.

If anyone who as been through similar or just anyone who has some good advice to give me please get in touch.


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Sorry this has happened to you, does seem like if you get a job then it willl help with the pressure. Foucs on that with a goal of it making life less routine when you get it - might help.