I hate to say I told him so.....but I did

My step doughter does not take her school work seriously at all. This is her senior year and she has to many credits to make up that she will not graduate with her class at the end of the year. I have been telling my husband for the past two years to buckle down on her and stop letting her walk all over him because he feels guilty for making her mad. NOW.....Her senior year is hectic and crazy with a work load big enough for two high school students to pull their hair out. She is stressed and discouraged to say the least.

This is exactly what I knew was going to happen. BUT yet he still is letting her act as though she has not a care in the world. Spending time with friends to all times of the night, coming home and sleeping for hours after her school day and up doing homework until midnight. Running a muck all weekend and then waiting till late Sunday night to do her homework.

He promised me it wasn't going to be like this. He promised he was going to be serious and buckle down on her. I am not longer convinced she is ever going to move forward with her life. That she will be stuck here with us and we will be providing for her as an adult.

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