My band is releasing its first album!

Ok, so... obviously can't identify, and can't share propaganda, whatever that means, so I'm not gonna name it.

That's not why I'm here, anyway.

My band is releasing an album. It'll be our first. We're releasing it ourselves, but we've already got a few dozen people lined up who want to buy albums. We're pretty well-connected on social media, considering we've only been releasing singles so far, and not many at that... but it looks like this just might take off. So I'm here to spread the word... and the word is, hope. 

Twelve months ago, today, I was homeless. I was using. I was living in my car, and using heroin, and I'd honestly thought that it was a good idea to get rid of my apartment and just live in my car, because... well, then I could use more, and I'd be able to do whatever I wanted, which is how I felt at the time whenever I thought about getting more heroin. That I'd be able to do whatever I wanted, regardless of any other concerns, and by not being tied to a single place I'd be "free." It sounds like a crazy ramble, and that's exactly what it was... but there's no way you could've convinced me of that, at the time. 

I'm not going to go through all of the painful steps that it took to get to where I am today because, to be honest, I didn't go through nearly as much as some people do. Someone very important to me threatened to walk out of my life and never look back, if I didn't shape myself up. She helped me to pull myself together and to see what I was doing to myself. I started going to a clinic. I didn't have to go for very long. I'm... really lucky, in a lot of ways. 

Less than a year has gone by since I became homeless, and now I'm on the verge of having an album out. This is what I've always wanted to do with my life. I went from rock-bottom, to what I've always wanted to be doing, in twelve months. This isn't an infomercial for a get rich quick scheme; I still struggle sometimes, and it's far from guaranteed that I'm going to get rich, but life has turned almost completely around for me. I went from feeling hopeless, and not even realizing just how badly I felt most of the time (because heroin) to feeling like I've got as much of a shot at living life to the fullest and being exactly what I want to be as anybody else has. 

All that, in spite of my mistakes. And I've made more than a few. 

Never let yourself be dragged down by your mistakes. Never let anybody tell you that you're hopeless, that you'll never amount to anything. Screw them. You only have one person's expectations to meet: that'd be your own, but you can meet those. You can do your best at becoming the person you want to be, and doing the things you want to do, and if you try really hard... you will live a satisfying and rewarding life, one where you can be proud to look in the mirror at the end of each day and say "Yep. That was a good one." 

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Hey thats pretty cool do you have any stuff on youtube if so whats your style?