Greece-Australia How A friend was close to ruin my entire life

First Time Poster. This is a small Part of my life but I probably will post my life later.

If you ask my friends: What's ntebis' biggest dream? He wants to go to Australia.

I was studying International and European Studies in the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. It wasn't what I liked but I thought I will give it a try. First semester, was boring, I made some good friends (which i still love and speak to them everyday even now that I am in Australia) but I gave up in the end. It just was not for me. Then I had to decide to what to do with my life. The simpliest Solution was to study again for the Panhellenic Exams and try again for a Uni Placement in a more interesting course. However, I considered my dream, to study and live in Australia.

One year ago, I contacted the Uni of Melbourne Asking about the recognition of my High school Diploma and the minimum Grade for Computer Science, I got a reply saying that they recognise my high school diploma and that i have the minimum grade for Computer Science. At this Point, i Should Also say I have the Australian Citizenship, and I have been in Oz 3 times. Anyway, I contact Uni of Melb. to start preparing for going there. I receive a mail: We do not recognize the Greek High School Diploma. Heart Attack! I freaked out and i was starting thinking that i was gonna stuck forever and wont do anything. But, i didnt gave up.

I immidiately contacted my cousin asking him help about that, and he contacted the 3 Universities in Adelaide (my Australian Hometown). And the light of Hope came. I was able to go to an australian uni through SATAC. Immidiately, i started preparing and researching info of what should i Translate and where. The research ended it up that I need to go to Athens in order to translate my Diploma. Everything is Ready and I send all the required documents. Fast Forward, 19th of June, I was sleeping, my mums wakes me up and says: " You have 3 folders from Australia!" I get up and went near my mother as fast as possible. I opened the biggest one. Congratulations you are accepted for the Bachelor of Engineering(Computer Systems) in UniSA. I almost cried, I can say it was one of the happiest days of my life. I should also note, that the previous day, me and my family were doing family shopping and we went to register my driving licence to the insurance. I was planning to buy a bed, and my sister was like, "why do you want a new bed you are going to australia" and "why do you register him he is going to Australia". She was an oracle!

I quickly book my tickets, 15th of July, and I was ready to go. Another fast forward to 13th of July. Me, my best friend, and a uni friend we went out and then we went to my uni friend's house (she is a female). All together we talk while we were on the balcony as she didnt had a/c on the house and it was hot. Also it was her last day before going to Rhodos to work and my last 2 days in Greece. Me and my best friend we had the "brilliant" idea to lock her out in the balcony while we were inside and laughing with her. It was an innocent joke and eventually of course we would have let her in. But,...

But she escalated the joke and she started screaming: " Help me, Help Me they are raping me!". In the beggining I didnt respond, i thought nobody will hear. But the neighbours heard. They started screaming we called the police and stuff. I freaked out, I really freaked out. I was one step Under the Heart Attack. We open the balcony door and my best friend screamed to her: "what have you done?" He screamed to her, I screamed to her Explaing to her that i am 2 days before going to Australia, 2 days before fulfilling my dream and she did this, that because of that they can stop me in the airport and not let me go. I was scared and angry. And then I waited. The police didnt appear soon. My b.friend suggested me and him to go somewhere else in order to calm down. I said yes. We come out walking towards the bus stop. We see a police car. Half step before the Heart Attack. I was feeling the tears coming out my eyes. I went to some other friend's house to calm down. And I waited for a phone call to my uni friend to learn what happened. The phone came. My uni friend said that the police knocked her and she talked to them. But she didnt said the truth that 2 friends were here and they locked me out and I just screamed that in order to scare them. She said:"No it wasnt me, but i heard them, I think they were joking". I heard that. I was angry, I was really angry with her. Her lie could escalate the things. My best friend tried to calm me down, he succeded, and he walked with me until the house. Next day I was with her helping her to go to the airport to leave. I didnt want to go, i was so angry, but I went to check out if they are gonna stop her or there is police checking out. Nothing happened and she left. I was Relieved though.

The 2 days passed and still i wasnt calm about this and but i was not thinking about that anymore. I was thinking my about my friends and family, especially my sister who didnt cry at all except the moment that I saw her crying, she cracked me up. My best friend and my mother were crying but i was able to resist. But I saw my sister. Then 45 minutes flight to Athens. I was thinking of what happened with my other friend, but i listened to some music and i was fine. 4 Hours stopover in athens. There was a friend there waiting to say goodbye. We talked but i didnt mention what happened, it was still bugging me. The real test will be in the passport control. I passed. I was so Relieved and so happy. My dream just started!

Thank you for reading and sorry for the wall of text. Feel free to ask any questions.

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