Conquering the Stigma, for my sons.

Hi. My story is a bit different. I had pre-natal psychosis having been taken off meds to safeguard. But when my CPN tried to get me some support/to reinstate meds, nothing was available. I deteriorated and was deemed to have a lack of capacity. However, I was sent off, away from my son who was 10, and my family and support network, to an agency unit that was not a specialist psychiatric mum n baby unit. I was unwell and unable to eat well. So baby David became malnourished. He also had a blood disorder as do I.  The Trust should have treated him immediately after birth. They did not. After 5 weeks he was transfused. The social services took away my two boys. So, me, having passed a 4yr supervision order for doubting the meds were helping me, and winning, the year before, I lost my boys, to an authority who failed them both actually, in terms of their health, their basic human right. I miss them sooo much. I cry alot, but volunteering has kept me going. I am at a crossroads now, 6 yrs on. I would like to write and ask for an acknowledgement, an explanation and an apology. But the discrimination I have endured is shocking. My boys only have me who is aware of the serious errors to their treatment, but, do I fight for justice and ando an improvement in #MentalHealthCareForAll or, do I let it go, and try, try to be positive. It's my elder sons 17th in May and I get to see him regularly, every two months, but I don't see David. I feel very strongly about what he, we, if u don't mind, had to endure. He has had 6 yrs of transfusions that could have been avoided if the doctors knew to treat him early. Now he may need a Splenectomy. This all could have been avoided. So, I am currently trying to work out what I can do for the best. I have trained up with a Mental Health Charity thru which I found voluntary work. I have taken some time out to construct my letter.  Wish me luck xx

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