Super sad, thought i was getting over it

Me (23m) and my ex have been throught it all together, for the better part of 9 years, now were just strangers to eachother in one day... she (22f) comes from a broken home, a very anxious person, who when she is not happy, can be your worst enemy..

Ive given this woman all i had and for the last year, its almost as if ot just wasnt good enough,  no matter how much i helped her with her anxiety, vertigo, depression, it seems that we only grew farther apart...Its only been 3 days so far, but it just seems like every breath i take or anywhere i look, shes right there, i cant even listen to any music, because the songs we once enjoyed together, are nothing but a heartache and reminder of the love we once shared. 

Ive deleted all of my social media, and that seems to help out a bit and i believe this weekend me and the guys are going out, but idk if this will help because im not a drinker, and they want to hit the local bars in Hoboken, NJ... (a mini NYC) 

I do feel a little better writing this, and i would love to here from anyone male or female, who can help me get over this... any tips? Things to keep busy? It sucks cause my phone is attached at my hip, waiting for a text or a call, and knowing its not going to come... who knows, maybe this is all for the best

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hey sorry you had to go through this, break ups can suck. I have always found the best thing to do is completely absorb myself in a new activity, I find new helps because it is something different and makes you think more therefore distracting your mind.

Sometimes hard things happen but time does bring new perspective. Hang in there and enjoy the night out :)