Midlife - First Panic Attack in office

Today was not a good day for me. I have not been happy at my current client as I feel I am not progressing my career.

At one point it looked they would not extend and for a brief moment the knot in my stomach went away.

Now I have been there for too long and my body really gave me a signal today. 

I had my first panic attack and I returned home to continue working from home.

I have been dealing with anxiety of being good enough in a very competitive marketplace although I have lots of experience.

And I believe by staying with this client my body is telling me this will lead nowhere.

I have started buteyko breathing exercises and I will return to doing more meditation as I used to do.

While I am searching for my new job I would like some tips on how to deal with a potential new panic attack as I of course can't keep going home.

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