Career Life help!

Hello! Im a 27 year old single male with a bachelors in accounting. Completing my mba online.


I can't seem to get a job in accounting in my local town, not sure why I have all the qualifications and education to do it. I really want to move away from my local town. Ive lived here my whole life and I prefer big city life, or think I will anyway! It seems that when I try to get jobs out of my town I am not considered because I don't actually live in the city yet. I can't travel for interviews because I took a desk job in a bank and have to keep attending that for the money.


Part of me wants to just leap and move then find a job but it would mean quitting the bank job and I would have no means of supporting myself until I found another job. Might be fine if I could find something quickly but what if I can't? Its seemingly an impossible situation. Should I save more? Should I just do it and leap into the city? I'm grateful for any advice as I can't seem to work out what to do.


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