I loved you, but you were married!?

Why did we become so close so fast, and it felt so free and fun but you always kept things hidden and it was only through a small slip I found out you were actually married.  'it is over' 'its just for kids' but how do I deal with this that its 9 months in and suddenly found this out? 

I really should have left, and I did at first.  We re-met months later, and you looked so sad, you were so sorry, could I really be cold enough to just walk away?  We hooked back up, but in my heart the pain was still there.  I was your second choice...or fourth after your kids andyour job and who knows what else despite what you tell me.  I should just walk away, there is no future here, but I think you got me on some level...now I just sit here in chaos, wondering how I get rid of you despite me loving you.


User Comments

Anyone that isn't honest with you is not worth expending the energy you are feeling on.  Although it hurts badly now, maybe you can use this in a positive way to show yourself that you never want to feel this way again and don't ever break that promise to yourself.  You are worth more than this.